Parish Feast in Wellington - Pilgrimage

The pilgrims!
Lake Taupo and Mt. Ruapehu
New Zealand spetsnaz, or maybe just tourists parachuting...
Picnic lunch
We did not take Sellotape
Mt. Paretetaitonga (I think)
When you go on pilgrimage with Fr Vladimir there must be at least one "prikliuchenie"!
Fr Vladimir just filled the DIESEL van with Unleaded petrol!
Oh well, time to take photos and wait for help...
and pick berries...
and wait for trains...
and sleep...
then get in the replacement van (not as new, but it did the job!)
The rental car guy got out of his pool to save us at 5 pm on a Saturday!
If you need to break down anywhere in new Zealand, make it in Otaki - the best people in the World!
Brian from Otaki Automotive
Fr Vladimir: It's that guys fault!
All well, only waited 1.5 hours, much quicker than last time!
Fr Ljubo always comes to serve with us. We love our Serbian brothers and sisters!
Our Wellington choir did a great job, Andrei and the Aucklanders helped in only a few things...
Reading Patriarch Kirill's Nativity Epistle
The Sisterhood did a great job with the tree and the lunch
Tania leading the children in some games
Grandfather Frost/Santa Claus also lost weight in Wellington
Instead of the planned minibus trip back to Auckland the pilgrims took a tour of Wellington
The "Beehive" Yes, that is where all our worker-bee politicians bring their nectar!
Te Papa - Our Place
Fr Vladimir giving the final instructions about behaviour on domestic flights in NZ
The pilgrims flew home, Fr Vladimir waited a day, picked up the repaired van and drove home with Vova